Growing On Me

The “End Day” movie was interesting! There was a very clear message depicting the various events that may occur during the beginning of the end time in various locations. Showing the beginning of a new day framed each new situation and location. It is reminiscent of the movie “Left Behind” depicting the occurrence of the Rapture without the depiction of the calamities. It also is suggestive of Armageddon as depicted in a 20/20 Special “Last Days On Earth.” I can’t really say that I like or dislike the movie, but I can say that it is a reminder that life on this earth as it is, is not eternal and is ripe for destruction. I’m not sure how I would have reacted but I would like to think that I would (am) prepared mentally and spiritually for the end of the world and not be so frighten by events (or not be here for them like in “Left Behind”.)

Apocalyptic SF appears to have some aspects of prophecy associated with it as expressed by the very first sentence with “dominate site for the expression of visions of apocalypse and catastrophe” which is exactly what is prophesized in the Christian faith in the Book of Revelations. Routledge is contrasting the various aspects of the genre with the application of the then and now “scientific progress” and “technological utopianism” entwined throughout the stories. Given that I don’t read or watch these types of genres, I can say that is something that I learned. The reason is because, I realize that when I am developing my story, I will need to be aware of the scientific and technological progression enough to make my story viable.

I chose several excerpts to read. However, H.G. Wells, “War of the Worlds” is one Apocalyptic story that I really like. I like the way that it builds to the climax. The skeptics’ curiosity turning to disbelieving horror! The subtle invasion and then the full waged invasion. However, the conquering hero of the story is disease. To me that’s humorous. But, then again, what other way can a pompous, unprepared group of people conquer Martians without the help of divine intervention via bacteria infections to which the Martians have no immunity?

Overall this was good because it is interesting. I’m looking forward to more of the class adventure into this theme. I think perhaps my mind is changing regarding this genre of literature. I said earlier that I did not like this type of literature, but, hmm, I think it may be growing on me.


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