Surviving ds106 Apocalyspe


I’m Janice Riley, aka, GrandmaJ (GmJ)

I’ve made it through my first week of ds106! It was a struggle, but thankfully I made it. I’m not very proficient in using Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, especially from my phone. I cried out a lot and got great help! Thanks to all four of you!!!!  I at least got all of my assignments completed and posted and enjoyed doing them.

What is your own personal relationship with apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic fiction?

-Are there particular stories (from books, TV, movies, etc.) that have resonated with you? Why?

– What genre of the apocalypse (zombie, alien invasion, plague, etc) seems particularly interesting to you? Why?

My answer to both of the questions posted about the apocalypse is ‘no’ because I’ve never, ever liked science fiction. It either scared me or was so unbelievable to me that I never developed an interest in it. Although the Apocalypse in and of itself is not science fiction, it is portrayed as such in movies. For those who believe in the apocalypse for religious reasons it is very real and unsurvivable except for the afterwards provision made for the believer. I hope to survive in the afterwards because I am a believer.

I’m looking forward to this class so very much.  I wish you all well!